Probate Litigation

When a loved one passes away, it can be a very difficult time. In spite of a person’s best efforts to clarify their wishes before their passing, disputes can arise. When disputes occur between the executor of an estate and the potential beneficiaries of a will or living trust, this already difficult time becomes unbearable. Conflicts among the family often magnify the emotions surrounding legal battles in general. Although litigation may be unavoidable, we are always sensitive to the dynamics involved in family relationships.

The experienced attorneys in the estate litigation department at Stewart and Bruss, P.C. work to understand the true intentions of the decedent, and honor his or her last wishes. Our attorneys work closely with relatives and potential heirs of an estate to resolve disputes over contested property, bank accounts, real estate and personal property. We also assist beneficiaries to ensure that the Trustee or executor is performing all of his or her legal and fiduciary duties during administration. At the law offices of Stewart and Bruss, P.C., we are committed to upholding our client’s best interests and honoring the intent of the decedent.

We realize that each case is different and unique in its own way, so when disputes arise, the attorneys at Stewart and Bruss, P.C. can help you consider reasonable options to resolve them, while providing an understanding of the sensitive nature of the case. As experienced probate litigation attorneys, Stewart and Bruss, P.C. understands the many complexities and emotional factors that are involved in a contested matter. We work to ease families’ confusions and frustrations to make this difficult process as easy as possible.