Real Estate Law

Anytime a transaction takes place wherein you are obtaining an interest in real estate, or transferring an interest in real estate, it is best to have an attorney involved to ensure that the course of action you are taking is in your best interest. Our attorneys have experience handling any and all kinds of transactions involving real estate. The attorneys at Stewart and Bruss, P.C. are experienced in consulting with clients regarding their real estate transaction, as well as representation of their best interest when it comes time to negotiate with other parties.


Our office specializes in the sale of real estate in the Estate administration or Trust administration process. Our attorneys are familiar with the unique circumstances of selling a home that is an asset of an Estate or Trust.  We help our clients avoid common missteps when navigating these unique circumstances.  Additionally, our office works with powers of attorney and guardians when attempting to sell the home of a loved one after a transition into an assisted living facility or nursing home.  We have answers to common questions such as – Should the home insurance be updated now that the home is vacant?  What do I do with all of the personal property in the home?  Should the local property tax authority be notified?  How does an estate sale work?  What will the tax implications of the sale be?  The attorneys at Stewart and Bruss, PC always take pride in assigning clients that are selling the home of a loved one.